Advisor Directory

NCAG members are eligible to earn the professional designation, Certified College Advisor (CCA).  NCAG's proprietary designation was created by members, for members.  The certification signifies a commitment to the college process from both academic and financial awareness positions.  Those NCAG members listed below have earned the CCA designation, and maintain their standing by meeting all continuing education requirements.. 

  • Chris Bell
  • Paula Bishop
  • Gary Carpenter
  • George Gately
  • Al Hoffman
  • Gweneth Johnsen
  • Cecilia Kuhn
  • Peter Lampert
  • Cori Murphy
  • Zena Taylor
  • Priscilla Vivio
  • Missy Yavasile
The public is invited to peruse our NCAG member directory. They are college admissions and finance professionals who offer advise and counsel regarding college admissions, financial aid, and/or tax advice.

Although NCAG does not offer guarantees as to the services of any individual member, it nevertheless is diligent to ensure every member is educated and in good standing within the industry. Please feel free to search for, and contact an NCAG member near you.

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