Some members of the NCAG organization have dedicated themselves to participate in the Certified College Advocate (CCA) program.  This program was created by members of the NCAG and is only available for NCAG members.  The certification signifies a commitment to the college process from both an academic and financial awareness positions.  The NCAG members listed below are members who have completed the CCA program and whose counsel will be from both an academic and financial awareness perspective. 

  • Gary Carpenter
  • George Gately
  • Missy Yavasile
  • Cori Murphy
  • Al Hoffman
  • Peter Lampert
  • Zena Taylor
  • Chris Bell
Below you will find a listing of the many members of NCAG, Inc. These members are college admissions and finance professionals who are qualified to advise you in financing or gaining admission to college. The NCAG does not endorse any individual member but our organization strives to ensure all members are educated and in good standing within the industry. Please feel free to search for an NCAG member near you and to contact them.

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Providing families with the knowledge to be able to find the best path to allow their children to attend college.

Professional Advisors

Providing professional college advisors with the knowledge to best serve those families that come to them for service.

Improving Accessibility

Advocating for families and advisors with the United States government to improve the accessibility of college for families.