CCAA Program

The NCAG, Inc. (NCAG) is a unique organization of professional academic and financial college planners.  The board of the NCAG has created a certification program for these planners, a certification by its members for its members.  The certification has been labeled "Certified College Affordability Advisor" (CCAA).

There are several certification programs out there, but this is unique due to its mandate to certify NCAG members only. The goal of the certification is the development of a foundational level of knowledge for planners from the academic and the financial perspective.

The developers have created one test with two parts.  One half of the program revolves around college planning from an academic perspective and the other half revolves around the financial perspective. There are three books, seven recorded webinars based on the three books and an option to set up a conference call with the creators of the certification program to have any questions answered. The three books are The Financial Aid Handbook, Admission Matters, and Paying for College Without Going Broke.  More information about the specific chapters that will be covered in these books is available after registering for the exam.  We strongly suggest  studying all offered training before taking the test.  

The test is not an open book test.  It is administered by and online testing site.  The test is timed. The test does not require a proctor.   Candidates must correctly answer 70% of the questions correctly, to pass the test.  If the CCAA candidate fails, then a retake of the entire test is allowed after a period of two weeks.

Successful completion of the CCAA offers the following benefits:

  • A special listing on the NCAG website as a college planner who can help with both the academic and financial aspects of the college process.
  • Qualifies the CCAA as a mentor for future members of the NCAG.
  • A certification document to commemorate your completion of the program.
  • Recognition at the NCAG Conference of your accomplishment.
  • Use of the CCAA initials on business cards or company produced documents.

I want to start the process of becoming a Certified College Affordability Advisor (CCAA).

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