The Mission of NCAG, Inc.
  • Educate NCAG members about all phases of college admissions and  funding.
  • Mentor NCAG members to find resources needed to effectively manage their practice
  • Advocate for families and students to make college more accessible and affordable
  • Assure NCAG members apply ethical standards and excellence in delivery of services

NCAG, Inc. is a non-profit networking/ educational resource organization dedicated to providing training and education to financial planners and college admissions advisors regarding the ins and outs of college financial planning and admissions. The NCAG is unique due to its membership of college financial and college educational advisors. The blend allows both sides to run with their strengths and learn more in the areas they desire to know a little more about for the sake of their college bound student/family.

NCAG positions itself to provide helpful mentoring to IEC's and financial advisors who are new to the discipline. We do not propose to address marketing or business management. Others do that well. NCAG purposes to mentor those new to college planning admissions and financial aid training and information that will bring them "up-to-speed" as quickly as can be reasonably anticipated in a very information-dense field. NCAG is different in its approach to providing education through online live webinars with subject-matter experts. The webinars are recorded and made available to all NCAG members. We also offer the "Certified College Advisor" designation; proprietary and uniquely appropriate for IEC's, and for financial advisors offering a college planning component.

NCAG seeks and exploits timely opportunitines to advocate for affordable and scholastically meritorious college educations on behalf of students and their families. In that endeavor NCAG overtly seeks to collaborate with sister organizations that advocate for similar objectives.

NCAG is committed to integrity and transparency in college planning and counselling.  Specifically, we reject any professional approach that exploits fear among parents,, students and others as a subterfuge to sell financial products. NCAG urges its members to unimpeachable ethical standards that always put the best interests of students and families first.

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NCAG Mission

Provide education and resources for college planning professionals, students and families.

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NCAG is accepting new members and is growing quickly. Membership is inexpensive, but the information that you gather and community that you will form will be invaluable as your practice continues to grow and evolve to meet the needs of those you serve.


The NCAG is a member-driven organization. We look to our members to take an active part in NCAG by electing board members, working on committees and doing presentations if they wish.