What does membership mean for you?

Education and support

That's what the NCAG is all about.

The enumerated benefits of your NCAG membership are based on member testimonials. NCAG has, over the years, maintained a low threshold for members' annual dues. Furthermore, NCAG has never charged a separate application fee. The cost to join is also the cost to renew. NCAG is, in fact, the best dollar value in the industry. NCAG maintains a cost-effective, administrative overhead so that the dues of its members can be reinvested in member benefits.

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NCAG Member Benefits

  • Access to the NCAG website members' side, including the library of recorded webinars, news of current events impacting college planning and copies of "E-Alerts"
  • Listing on the NCAG website's public side; you control your public profile information
  • Free monthly webinars which may qualify for continuing education credits (CCA, CFP, CCP)
  • Member-rates for NCAG conferences
  • E-Alerts on timely matters of importance
  • Members only private Facebook group
  • Opportunity to earn the proprietary Certified College Affordability Advisor (CCAA) designation.
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NCAG Mission

Provide education and resources for college planning professionals.
Helping you help others

Membership is inexpensive, but the information that you gather and community that you will form will be invaluable as your practice continues to grow and evolve.

The NCAG is a member-driven organization. We look to our members to take an active part in NCAG by electing board members, working on committees and doing presentations if they wish.