NCAG, Inc. is a non-profit organization run by and for its members. NCAG provides education relevant to college admissions, financial aid and other subject matter appropriate for professionals working as financial planners and college admissions advisors.. 

NCAG fulfills a unique role among its sister organizations in that NCAG focuses on both college accessibility and affordability. With membership well-represented from both admissions counselors and financial professionals of all descriptions, NCAG provides a forum for conversation and collaboration. It is a tenet of NCAG that those working primarily (or exclusively) as IECs, and those working primarily (or exclusively) as in various financial services professions (CPA, CFP, CLU, RIA, etc.) must have a basic knowledge of both sides of college education (i.e. admissions and financial aid). NCAG uniquely offers timely and pertinent education to, and conversation among the full spectrum of professionals.

Furthermore, NCAG alone welcomes those just launching their professional practice. NCAG offers a foundational course (Certified College Advisor), interaction with seasoned professional and informal mentoring to assist those new to the field of college planning to establish themselves with the highest standards of practice, as well as practical education.
NCAG was the vanguard organization for providing education with live webinars led by subject-matter experts. NCAG webinars are recorded and made available to all of its members.

NCAG seeks and exploits opportunitines to advocate for an affordable and scholastically meritorious college education for students. In that endeavor NCAG welcomes opportunities to collaborate with sister organizations that advocate for similar objectives.

NCAG is committed to integrity and transparency in college planning and counselling.  Specifically, we reject any subterfuge to sell financial products in the name of college planning, admissions counseling and financial aid assistance. NCAG urges its members to unimpeachable ethical standards that always put the best interests of students and families first.

The Mission of NCAG

  • Educate NCAG members about all phases of college admissions and funding,
  • Mentor NCAG members to find resources needed to effectively manage their practice,
  • Advocate for families and students to make college more accessible and affordable,
  • Foster a culture of excellent and ethical business practices among NCAG members.