NCAG, the National College Affordability Group, is a resource for professionals who help students with college planning and finances.

Comprehensive Expertise: NCAG recognizes the complexity of the college admissions process and acknowledges that no single individual can possess all the answers. To bridge this gap, NCAG brings together professionals from diverse fields, such as admission counselors, accountants, independent educational consultants (IECs), financial planners, tutors, FAFSA experts, and more. This collaborative approach ensures each expert can connect with experts of different areas, enhancing the effectiveness of everyone in the group for their clients.

Sharing and Networking: NCAG fosters a supportive and collaborative community of like-minded professionals. It encourages the sharing of business ideas, marketing systems, and decades of experience among its members. This network provides a valuable resource for all members to enhance their knowledge and improve their services.

Low Cost and Value for Money: NCAG places a strong emphasis on providing value for its members. The organization keeps its annual dues low and does not charge separate application fees. The membership cost covers both joining and renewal, making it a cost-effective choice for professionals seeking access to valuable resources and a supportive network.

Access to Resources: NCAG members enjoy a variety of benefits, including access to the members' side of the NCAG website. This access includes a library of recorded webinars, news on current events impacting college planning, and copies of "E-Alerts," which provide timely and relevant information. Members can also ask college-related questions to the NCAG members via our Private Facebook Group.

Professional Development: NCAG offers monthly webinars that may qualify for continuing education credits. This focus on professional development allows members to stay current with industry trends and best practices.

CCAA Designation: NCAG provides an opportunity for members to earn the proprietary Certified College Affordability Advisor (CCAA) designation, adding further credibility and expertise to their practice.

Member-Driven Organization: NCAG emphasizes the active participation of its members. Members can engage in the organization by electing board members, working on committees, and delivering presentations if they wish.

The Mission of NCAG

NCAG's mission is to provide education and resources for college planning professionals. By offering a diverse community, comprehensive resources, and a commitment to low-cost value, NCAG positions itself as a valuable partner for professionals seeking to improve their services and support families in navigating the college admissions process effectively.