Welcome to the National College Affordability Group (NCAG), where we equip college admissions and financial professionals with the tools they need to guide students and families towards making smart choices for their future. Are you looking for a collaborative community of experts to help you navigate the complex college admissions process? Look no further!

At NCAG, we pride ourselves on fostering a diverse network of professionals who share a common goal - helping families make educated college decisions. Our membership includes admission counselors, accountants, independent educational consultants (IECs), financial planners, tutors, FAFSA experts, and more! By collaborating and sharing best practices, we ensure that our members are well-equipped to address all aspects of college planning.

NCAG was founded 15 years ago with a clear mission: to combine the knowledge of accountants, financial planners, and college counselors in addressing college affordability. We believe that no single individual can have all the answers, which is why we bring together professionals from various backgrounds to provide comprehensive expertise.

What benefits does NCAG offer its members?
NCAG provides access to a wealth of resources, including a library of recorded webinars, timely "E-Alerts," and expert insights into current events impacting college planning. Members can also ask college-related questions directly to our knowledgeable members via our Private Facebook Group. Plus, we offer free monthly webinars that may qualify for continuing education credits.

How much does it cost to join NCAG?
We believe in providing exceptional value to our members. Joining NCAG has never been more affordable, as we maintain a low threshold for annual dues. No separate application fees - the cost to join is the cost to renew.

What makes NCAG stand out from other organizations?
NCAG is a member-driven organization that encourages collaboration and knowledge-sharing. We actively promote successful business practices for our members and facilitate strategic partnerships among professionals. Our focus on college finances and academic planning sets us apart as the go-to resource for college affordability information.

Join Us Today!
If you're passionate about guiding families through the college planning process and want to be part of a supportive community of professionals, then NCAG is the perfect fit for you. Join us today and take your college planning practice to new heights with the prestigious Certified College Affordability Advisor (CCAA) designation.

Want more information? Info@NCAGonline.org

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